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and so, I begin again...

Begin what you ask? To this, I have no answer, but here I sit, in sacred solitude, beginning again. In this space, I come from a place of uncertainty, leaning into the discomfort, allowing for the messiness to overflow, clearing the crevices in order to expand, grappling with the possibility of cracking open. There are no ends, only new beginnings. It's a cyclical premise, with an abundance of lessons. When I find myself asking "why me?" with an undertow of the dramatic 5 year old that inhabits the tree fort in my heart, I simply turn to her and say "yes, why you? What is the lesson you are meant to learn today?" and then, you guessed it, I begin again. I take the hand of my 5 year old self and I walk with her through the forest of my mind, experiencing the playfulness of her curiosity, her overwhelming gratitude for the mud that squishes between her toes, because naturally she is barefoot, and the reckless abandonment as she leaves her fears and failures as breadcrumbs to lead her home. It is with the help of my inner child that I am able to skip down the path of uncertainty, unafraid of monsters that may be lurking, but rather experiencing the simplicity of the moment that I chose to quite simply begin again on a new adventure, placing one bare foot in front of the other.

Photography Credit: Ben Viatori

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