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mindFULL mt. moments

What 5 days trekking through the Andes Mts. taught me...

1. mud and manure stain the same.

2. sometimes you will sink. ankle deep. in mud.

3. you WILL stumble over rocks you thought you stepped over.

4. if you find yourself sliding down the side of the Mt, at least attempt to land in a split and know that someone will catch you and it will most likely be a stranger.

5. like my girl Miley says, "it's all about the climb"

6. it's okay to have a little llama drama.

7. wild horses don't need to be tamed and neither do I.

8. with positive vibes you may not be able to move the Mt. like Mathilda, however you can remove the clouds from the sky.

9. altitude is real.

10. hot yoga helps, but mouth breathing is a thing.

11. it's about pace, not the race.

12. there is magic in the Mts. if you're willing to listen.

13. a slip for a sin. (our guide informed us that it is said that every time you fall, it's the Mt. taking away a sin. lets just say I should've fallen more...)

14. ponchos make perfect privacy tents for "Inca toilet" moments along the trail.

15. one step at a time. one breath at a time.

16. I am capable of the unimaginable.

17. my body is a beast, my mind needs to be willing.

18. you can indeed walk on water. I do however encourage waterproof shoes.

19. if you need to rest. REST. and while doing so, turn around and enjoy the view.

20. horses always have the right of way.

21. the best hikes are the ones in which you can't see the top.

22. time is irrelevant.

23. phones are a luxury not a necessity.

24. forever grateful for the ability to have my mom as my best friend.

25. create mindful milestones. they help.

26. new mantras are always available for creation in a time of need.

27. the season will change sooner vs later.

28. if you are in the arena of your life. you will fall down (I was reminded of these words by Brene Brown multiple times throughout the trek.)

29. doing the work requires a little blood, a lot of sweat and often a few tears and that's okay.

30. hot showers feel like heaven.

31. go. chase the waterfalls.

32. live out loud. get outside.

32. pachamama (Mother Earth) is a goddess of creation and I am in awe of her beauty.

The Mts. do not judge. They do not point a finger or inflict hatred. They simply open up to you and for you, granting you peace and prosperity if you are simply willing to listen. I am forever grateful to have trekked my way into my 26th year and will continue right on trekking, working my way around the sun for many years to come.


sunrise over Machu Picchu on the morning of my 26th birthday.

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